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How to Make a Corporate Video? Expert Tips to Get it Right

It’s no secret that corporate videos are a hit, and everyone’s making them. The question is, how do you stand out in the sea of corporate videos?

Creating a corporate video that garners attention and drives your business goals isn’t an overnight job. Nor should you see it as “one more thing my business needs to do” and produce one for the sake of it. A poorly-made corporate video can do more damage than not producing any video at all.

Think about it. You want your brand to be perceived as authentic and high-quality. If your video is not up to those standards, it’s easy to send the wrong message to your audience. And today, when branding and marketing move the needles in sales, one wrong move in this department could cost your business in the form of lost revenue.

Corporate videos require understanding the process and what works to get desirable results. Read on as we share some of our expert tips to help you with this.

What is a Corporate Video & Why Do You Need One?

A corporate video is a format a business or organization uses to create awareness. It promotes the brand and is used in many different formats. It could be:

  • Training videos for employee instruction or safety
  • Presentations to stakeholders
  • Product video with a demonstration
  • Testimonial videos from customers and clients
  • Event and activity summary
  • Live seminars and webcasting
  • Company Introduction
  • Representing corporate social responsibility

A corporate video has become an irreplaceable weapon in any marketer’s arsenal. Why wouldn’t it be? Video is one of the most widely consumed forms of content, with 92.7% of global users. While this could be any kind of video, the very versatile nature of the corporate video makes it fit into a wide range of content categories.

Here are some reasons a corporate video checks off as one of the best means of marketing in 2023.

  • It can be indexed by Google and help boost your company’s traffic. This can lead to more conversions of viewers to customers.
  • They are easier at conveying messages and engaging than other forms of content.
  • It has the potential to represent what you stand for accurately.
  • It can be easily shared and cover more ground than other forms of content.

Tips for Creating Corporate Videos That Stand Out

Creating corporate videos requires a lot of creativity and tact. Here are some tips from experts that you can use.

1. Keep your target audience at the center

Generalizing everything is a safe way to go, but nothing grows there, we know that. One of the first steps is to be clear about who you are targeting. This is a specific group of people who would be buying your product. Once you know that, you can tailor your message to suit their needs.

2. Stay under two minutes

When it comes to video, every second counts. According to a study by Facebook, 47% of the value in a video campaign was delivered in the first three seconds, while up to 74% of the value was delivered in the first ten. Stick to your message and keep it short.

3. The power of visuals

The point of a video is all about the visuals. Make sure you use it. The video could showcase your product with demonstrations of how to use it. Instead of talking about it, show it to make an impact. Studies show that 96% of users count on a product video to inform them before making a purchase.

4. Use narratives

There is a whole branch of marketing dedicated to focusing on creating a narrative. This is because humans are inherently narrative beings. We make sense of the world through stories. A brand story should make the viewer connect with the story and be inspired to take the desired action.

5. Create a solid script

With a story in mind, it is time to write it. A script is a crucial part of the video production process. It puts all the ideas, scenes, and takes to paper. It acts as a skeleton to your video, which you can flesh out.

6. Proper distribution

The purpose of your video is to reach your intended audience. Make sure you take the measures to make it happen. Releasing it at the right time and on the right channels is essential. Uploading it on YouTube, your website, and attaching it with your newsletter are some ways you can ensure your video gets reached.

7. Get the technicals right

A video needs to have technical quality as well as quality content. A video taken with a professional camera by a professional can make all the difference. When you plan on a corporate video, make sure you hire an entire video production team.

Ready to Make a Winning Corporate Video?

A corporate video is your opportunity to let your brand shine. To that end, the tips we discussed can offer you the right direction. However, successful planning and execution rest entirely on the expertise and experience of your video production team. If you do not have the right resources, hiring a corporate video production company like Cinimage will be the best decision for your brand and budget.

Searching for your right fit among the best corporate video production companies in Bangalore? Let’s talk!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do you shoot a corporate video?

Corporate video can be shot on a professional or good-quality mobile camera, depending on your budget.

  1. What should a corporate video have?

A corporate video should have informative and well-defined content targeted at a well-defined audience. It should be short and crisp.

  1. How long should corporate videos be?

Corporate videos should stay under 3 minutes to make the most of the diminishing attention span of today’s viewers.

  1. What are the types of corporate videos?

There are different types of corporate videos like training, product, testimonials, corporate social responsibility, webinars, etc.

  1. What makes a corporate video effective?

Having a narrative is what makes any video effective. A well-defined structure carried by a strong narrative makes all the difference.

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