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They say a picture is worth a thousand words but that’s too old for the world today. Videos are the real deal.
A video is not just worth a billion words, but when coupled with the right strategy, it can bring millions in revenue. As the top corporate video production company in Bangalore, we help corporate houses tap into the vast potential of videos.

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How to Ace Your Corporate Video with the Best Corporate Video Production Company in Bangalore?

Videos hold the key to success in the digital age. Statistics have confirmed this over and over again. An overwhelming amount of total internet traffic these days consists solely of videos being watched and shared.

The rise in internet speeds, smartphone sales and average time spent per day on social media is only going to boost video consumption.

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Why Cinimage is a Preferred Video Production Company in Bangalore?

Cinimage is not just another corporate video production company. We are the ones setting benchmarks in the industry. We do not believe in average and strive for excellence in every project we undertake. With us, your brand is in safe hands.

  • Premium Quality
    Our work is the epitome of the highest standards of quality. We create hard-hitting video content that works well with your business needs, no matter what they are.
  • Precision in Execution
    No missed deadlines and no false promises. We are proud to have a culture of over-delivering on our commitments.
  • Transparency at Every Step
    We are with you every step of the way. Our team shares progress report with you during the project and assists even after it ends.
  • Flexibility for Clients
    Want something changed or removed? No problem! We work in line with your requirements so the end product is exactly how you want it.

Our Corporate Video Production Process

Besides our dedication to the art, what makes us the ace corporate video production company in Bangalore is our fool-proof process of video production. We make sure we are on the same page at every step of the way.

  • Discourse
    We do not work on our whims and fancies. Everything is taken into consideration before we start working on your video projects. A detailed consultation call is where it all begins.
  • Groundwork
    In the pre-production phase of the project where we assemble the right tech, strategies and methodology to get the ideal results. The secret to success with videos lies in details, which is where efficient groundwork helps.
  • Production
    Our team works with cutting edge technologies right from the cameras and lenses to processing and other software to get world-class videos, documentaries and corporate films.
  • Post-Production/Editing
    Refining the raw product into the best version of itself is what the post-production phase entails. We work with high-end professional editing tools that through fixing colours and sounds, enhance the overall theme of the video.

Types of Corporate Videos Your Business Can Benefit From

With a lethal combo of the latest technical equipment and skilled manpower, Cinimage has risen through the ranks to become of the best corporate video production companies in Bangalore. We create outstanding corporate videos ranging for every organisational purpose.

  • Training Videos
    Streamline your L&D and HR processes through powerful training videos that assist in newly onboarded employees and upskilling existing ones.
  • Recruiting Videos
    As a full-fledged video production house, we know how to create recruiting videos that pull the right talent to your organisation. Put your best foot forward and help candidates make the right decision.
  • Event Videos
    Want to showcase your corporate events the right way? Switch to our professional corporate event video creation services that bring new life into the same old routine events.
  • CSR Videos
    Let your viewers know how your business is extending support to social causes. We bring multiple elements from graphics designing and animation into CSR videos to make them exciting.
  • Testimonial Videos
    Want to establish credibility for your product or service? Nothing beats a testimonial video. We combine the age-old characteristics of great testimonial videos with the latest techniques in video creation to give you testimonial videos that stand out.
  • Internal Videos
    Designed for sharing information within the ecosystem of the organisation, internal communication videos come in handy these days. We incorporate your company’s theme and values within internal communication videos.
  • Industrial Videos
    These are aimed at viewers within a specific industry or business sector. We are the top video makers when it comes to industrial videos.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the typical process that you follow while offering video production services?2021-11-22T08:17:23+05:30

It depends on who’s asking us. Brands, Enterprise, Customers and Start Ups, generally come with a clean slate. As an end to end video production house we get involved from the very beginning. Where as mainline and digital agencies generally approach us with a script, and we pitch in right there and pick up the baton. So, the process ideally starts from pre-production services, which many times includes, writing scripts and prepping storyboard. We follow that up with the production planning, head for the shoot, and return with the material for post-production. In the post, we put together the film as per the storyboard or the script; further to that, music and colour grading is done. Meanwhile, we keep sending the client draft versions so that the client is involved in every step of video production lifecycle. This helps in reducing iterations and faster TATs.

How long a typical video production takes to complete?2021-11-16T07:53:26+05:30

Depending on the video category, we plan our TATs. A typical video production takes about 3 – 4 weeks to complete once the project gets on board. However some productions like corporate videos, are heavy on logistics and could take a little longer. But we fondly remember those challenging productions that were delivered even in 10 days flat!

Do you write scripts as well? And can you write them for any industry / sector / category of the film?2021-11-22T08:14:34+05:30

Yes, we do write scripts as we have always positioned ourselves as an end to end video production company in India. We have a talent roster that comprises of creative writers from across the country with more than 20 years of cumulative experience helping brands and enterprises gain advantage of their prior writing experience in the similar sectors and video categories. This again helps in TATs and quality of the overall production. Hope you heard – script is all that matters, rest is all about finishing.

What does your team comprise of?2021-11-22T08:14:25+05:30

We are a team of writers, directors, cinematographers, producers and production managers. For a project, be it a Corporate video, Digital Ad, Animated Explainer Video, Product Video, or even a Testimonial Video a typical team is prepped and onboarded by a Creative Producer. This person owns the entire project and forms a strong link between our client, our key accounts managers and the complete production team.

Do you use any project management tool?2021-11-22T07:46:34+05:30

We use Slack. It works like a charm!

How do you take a brief?2021-11-22T08:13:14+05:30

In general, the brief is provided by our clients in a written format. If, that is not available, we enable our clients by drafting key objectives and other important details through our Creative Brief Doc that we share with our inquiring clients. This helps putting together everything that we need to understand the project better.

What is the first thing that you would like to know about a project?2021-11-16T07:57:39+05:30

The goal. We try to understand the goal of the entire engagement and tie-up everything that we do around it. This helps in ensuring the entire video production exercise is leading in the right direction.

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