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Want to create a lasting impact with your brand story? As one of India’s top corporate video makers, Cinimage can help your brand cast an incredible impression!

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Why Invest in Quality Corporate Video Production?

The days of stiff and boring corporate videos are long gone. This is the era of smart, exciting, and enticing corporate videos. Today, storytelling is central to the success of your corporate videos, and the returns can be huge.

Consider these statistics:


Inspire and reinforce leadership in the market.

  • Attract new clients and credibility with case study videos.
  • Showcase your energetic company culture and attract top talent with careers video.
  • Build trust. Explain complex products. Train staff. Dominate the market with a fresh insight.

As a hardened Video Production company, we throw our magic into each engagement.

Why Trust Cinimage With Your Corporate Video Production?

  • Corporate Videos That Shine
    Take advantage of our high production values and strategic use of motion graphics and animations that make sure your corporate videos are a cut above the rest!
  • Experienced In-House Team
    We have a dedicated in-house team of creative directors, cinematographers, designers, writers, and editors, which means we have complete control over quality and deliver nothing less than stellar production.
  • Increased Reach and Visibility
    We don’t stop at corporate video production. As an end-to-end corporate video production agency, we do the video marketing legwork needed to get your corporate videos the eyeballs they deserve.
  • Hassle-Free Process
    With 15 years in business, we have created a simple and straightforward process that makes hiring us and using our video production services a breeze for you from day one.

Our Process

  • Collecting Information
    The first step involves a consultation with you and your team to really get an insider look into some vital ingredients for a winning corporate video — your business objectives, the market you operate, the audience you’re targeting, and the values your brand represents. Based on your specific requirements, we create a custom proposal.
  • Creative Development
    This is the pre-production step where we put together everything — your brief, the ideas we brainstorm working closely with your team, and strategic and creative roadmaps that will help us reach the perfect production goal. Details like equipment, characters, location, and other requisites for the shoot are also outlined at this stage.
  • Making it Happen
    This is where we get to work. Our team ensures the shoot is set up and executed as planned. But as a team with foresight, we are always prepared with a plan-B in case something doesn’t go according to the plan.
  • Finishing Touches
    Post-production is where the best shots are selected from the raw footage and woven together with necessary elements like sound effects, music, special effects, or voice-overs. We also apply post-production techniques like colour correction, colour grading, and transitions to achieve a finished product that is ready to impress!

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What should a corporate video include?2022-03-04T11:15:23+05:30

Corporate videos are typically promotional videos, designed to showcase a business, products, and services. Most companies have one, and they can be beneficial in providing an overview of the industry and attracting potential customers and clients. A corporate video should include Company history, Numbers and statistics, Benefits, Call to action.

What are the different types of corporate videos?2022-03-04T11:15:23+05:30

Corporate videos are used to show the company’s purpose, values, mission, and objectives.
The different types of corporate videos are Brand Videos, Event Videos, Interview Videos, customer testimonials, Explainer Videos, and Product Videos. Each type of corporate video has its target audience. So, it is vital to understand the target audience before deciding on the type of corporate video for your business.

How long does a corporate video take to produce?2022-03-04T11:15:23+05:30

A high-budget production can take upwards of 2 months to complete. Medium Budget – A mid-level corporate video will generally take six weeks to complete. Low Budget – A low-cost corporate video can be produced in as little as one week or less! If you have the footage already shot and need editing and some sound.

What steps are there to making a video?2022-03-04T11:15:22+05:30

The significant steps involved in making a video are Initiating the Project, Research, Content Creation, Production, and Editing.

What is the business video production process?2022-03-04T11:15:22+05:30

Corporate video production by Cinimage is your best bet for several reasons:

  • Explains complex ideas in simple ways.
  • Creates emotional connections with the consumer.
  • Improves SEO ranking.
  • Drives engagement and conversions.
  • Gives a great ROI. 

Has the power to go viral on social media.

What are the advantages of Corporate Video for Your Business?2022-03-04T11:15:22+05:30

Video is incredibly versatile. It’s an effective communication tool that any department can use within a business: marketing, sales, customer service, HR… the list goes on. Videos can help you search, reach more people , generate brand awareness and more leads for your business.

Why Choose Corporate Video makers?2022-03-04T11:15:22+05:30

Corporate videos are a powerful way to create a brand for your company, introduce your products and services, or tell your success story. We can help you plan, script, and execute these corporate videos through the following steps: Conceptualization of your project, Scripting, Storyboarding, Audio Visual Execution, and Post Production (Voice over, Editing, Graphics & Animation)

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