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Universal Robots

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We teamed up with Universal Robots and Bajaj Auto Ltd to showcase the synergy between the two brands, whilst Bajaj Auto deploys the state of the art Cobots from Universal Robots in the KTM DUKE assembly line. The main objective of the film is to present how Universal Robots helped Bajaj Auto accelerate production, in the backdrop of women empowerment initiative at Bajaj Auto.

Our Story

Universal Robots wanted few Case stories around the impact the Collaborative Robots are making in various sectors. We were approached to put together a unique story. While the same, should showcase the impact of Cobots, it also should help the brand Bajaj Auto project its commitment towards woman empowerement at the assembly line level. That was something very interesting as a proposition for us. And then we found Rameshwari, an engineer at the asesmbly line. And her story was worth telling to the world.

Next, we put together a script that told a story of Universal Robot’s brand promise, the product – a collaborative robot and Bajaj Auto’s trust in them, in a backdrop of a typical day in the life of Rameshwari who personifies the brand’s big push towards women empowerement. The assembly line has more than 60% women workforce, and their typical work day starts and ends with a collaborative robot next to them. A memorable corporate video production effort, that we will cherish for a long time.

An otherwise conventional corporate video production turned into an impactful film that helped Universal Robots produce amazing results in their content marketing initiatives.

Great job done!

PradeepHead Marketing @ Universal Robots
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