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Video Production

Here is Why Cinimage Is The Video Production House for You

  • Relevancy
    As a video production agency, our goal is to be relevant. Strong narratives that capture emotions are integral to all video content created under Cinimage. A high-quality structure right from the script carries straight through shoot and editing.
  • Experience
    Starting as a 360-degree video production studio in India, our experience of 14 years ranges from motion graphics to outdoor advertising and everything in between. Naturally, we have amassed a wide range of professional know-how that keep us current.
  • Expertise
    Over the years, we have formed a team of talented writers, creative directors, innovative designers and expert cinematographers and technologists. Need we say it? We excel at your objectives and goals in all kinds of video production services.
  • Customisable
    The purpose of the video is to fulfil your strategic goals. Our video content proves efficient across all spheres, from content marketing to digital marketing. We make it unique to you with a combination of our experience and experts.

Our Process

  • Consultation
    Fill out a form with all the essential details. Introduce your query or video production requirements to be taken up further. Then, we get together; Us, with our video production services and You, with your pre-requisites.
  • Pre-Production
    We prepare for everything that will make the production smoother. We conduct a brainstorming session to bring creative ideas and an exciting narrative revolving around your purpose. Then we shift into pre-production arrangements like equipment, location, characters (if required), props and other necessities for the shoot.
  • Production
    Ensuring the setups, lights, microphones, cameras, supports, props, people, and everything else is in place for the shoot. Plus, shooting the video. We also record voice-overs, if needed, and extra footage to support your story (b-roll captures).
  • Post Production
    The video editors put the raw footage together with necessary additions like music, effects or voice-overs. The product you see comes together comprehensively. The vision of the narrative at the beginning comes to life in the post-production process, ready to match the client’s goals.

Types of Video Production Services

  • Animation
    It is a fun-filled way to bring your objectives to life on the screen. Presenting motion graphics as an interactive presentation of an explainer video or your brand logo walking straight to its destination makes it interesting and intriguing.
  • Corporate Videos
    We plan to portray your command of the industry through your corporate videos. You have a purpose and story to tell, and we have the right resources, experience and expertise to craft this story for you.
  • Digital Adverts
    We have been a video production company in India for 14 years. Our video content targets the right audience, whether landing pages or social media consumers. We are naturally armed to carry out varying forms of digital advertisements.
  • Product Videos
    We use creative business storytelling methods to introduce your product to loyal and fresh customers. Think of your brand as a storybook and every product video as a new chapter added to the story. It allows the video to be independent while being a part of the whole.
  • Testimonials
    Customer’s words in their voice, tone and emotions are a powerful tool in the business arsenal. Our award-winning experience allows us to bring these testimonials in a professional, refined and elevated setting.
  • TV Commercials
    As a video production house, TV commercials come with the territory. Over the years, we have honed our commercial skills. We know how to aim at the trend and entrap the mood of the viewers with impactful video content.

A Fantastic Journey Continues!

Our clients inspire us to do more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Video Production Process involve?2022-02-02T17:30:35+05:30

After you have sent us the filled form with some basics, we start with a detailed consultation regarding your video content requirements. Then we begin preparing for production in terms of scouting and legalities. After completing the shoot, we send everything for compilation.

What are the elements of video production?2022-02-02T17:32:39+05:30

There are three broad elements observed under all video production agencies in India: Narrative, Shooting and Editing.

A script and format of the video that leads to prep like location, people and equipment arrangements fall under the narrative umbrella.

Light, sound and equipment set-ups are a part of shooting. Even b-rolls and voiceovers

Editing is where everything comes together, becoming cohesive and presentable as a final deliverable product.

Do you create interactive content?2022-02-02T17:33:15+05:30

As a video making company in the Indian market, we know the pulse of the viewers a video has to target. Naturally, we create engaging videos by combining our targeted content and your marketing objectives.

What about graphics and branding?2022-02-02T17:33:40+05:30

Motion graphic videos and brand videos are a part of our video production services.

Traditionally, the graphics team will enter the project in the post-production phase, but this may vary based on the project objectives.

Branding videos are unique to the brands, created according to the brand message and purpose of the video.

Do you add voice over and music?2022-02-02T17:34:04+05:30

Yes. Our video production services include voiceovers and music.

If the video style or script requires voice over or music, they are included in the process naturally.

If this is an additional requirement or a specific kind of video you are looking for, our team aims to get all your needs early in the process.

Can you add subtitles to your videos?2022-02-02T17:34:29+05:30

Yes. Subtitles services are included if required.
In the case of translation, the additional effort of a translator will have to be considered.

What kind of equipment do you use?2022-02-02T17:35:06+05:30

Our video production agency covers a wide variety of video shoots. The types of equipment we use are based on the kind of video shoots we do, considering the shoots’ setting, terrains, and other factors.

In what format will I receive my video files?2022-02-02T17:35:34+05:30

Full HD

What happens to the project files after project completion?2022-02-02T17:36:03+05:30

We keep files on all completed projects for 2 to 3 months after the final handover for backup purposes. The clients can request the backup copy within this time frame if needed.


In case the client requires an additional or backup copy of the file after the final delivery, we keep files on all completed projects for two to three months after the completion and handover.

Can you make our videos go viral?2022-02-02T17:36:26+05:30

A viral video is a combination of multiple factors. Engaging content, marketing strategy and multiple platform uniformity are a few of those factors.

As a creative video production agency, we aim to achieve relevant video solutions that meet the communications goals you have planned for your video campaign.

How much should my video cost?2024-06-14T10:45:31+05:30

The video cost for each is distinct. The cost is based on everything that will encompass to reach the goals of your final video.

How long will it take to produce my video?2022-02-02T17:37:20+05:30

Each video is unique in itself.

From script to delivery, our ideal aim is to produce your video at a minimum of 4 weeks at best.

We can proudly say that our shortest delivery has been 10 days; of course, due to particular circumstances.

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