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Let Your TV Spots and Ad Films Grab Eyeballs with Our Commercial Video Production

Ever envied a ‘viral’ commercial, secretly wanting the same success for your TVCs? You’ve come to the right place!

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Crack the Code of Success with TV Commercials

When two-minute spot rakes in over 13 million views, something in its making must have gone right. Is it the story? The script? Casting good actors? Cinematography? In most cases, it’s a concerted effort of all those factors. That’s how a TVC becomes a success story.

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Convey your brand value within 30 seconds.

  • Engage the audience with the right message.
  • Employ our fully equipped and loaded Studio in Bangalore.
  • End-to-end production house. Scripting. Casting. Editing. And everything else.

As a hardened Video Production agency in India, we throw our magic into each engagement.

Top Five Reasons to Hire Cinimage for Your TVC Production

  • Engagement delight
    We believe in making your experience with us a delightful one through and through. When you work with us, top-notch client servicing is a given, right from the kickoff to the final delivery!
  • Excellent storytelling 
    We pride ourselves in our ability to weave exciting and engaging narratives around even the most mundane product. Our focus remains on driving your brand messaging in ways that tickle the funny bone or tug at the heartstrings or make the viewer pause and think.
  • Talented team
    We always aim to breathe life into your ideas the way you’ve envisioned them and beyond. Our team is made up of experienced video producers, directors, cinematographers, camera crew, lighting experts, sound engineers, and technicians who have spent years giving shape to concepts that emerge as successful TV commercials.
  • End-to-end services
    From planning, setting up the shoot, and managing the production to scouting the best locations, selecting the right cast, and post-production, we take care of every detail that goes into making your commercial video production a success.
  • Rich experience
    We have seen and done some amazing work in commercial video production over the last decade and a half. Our expertise comes from experience and unwavering commitment to our craft, which is why what we offer is so much more than just basic TV ad production. Interested to see our work? Check out our portfolio.

Our TV Ad Production Process

At Cinimage, we work in a seamless, streamlined process that ensures flawless delivery and fantastic outcomes, fulfilling clients’ objectives to the highest level.

  • Kick-off meeting 
    The journey towards a successful TV ad production starts here. You get to know our creative team a little better. We get into the depths of your vision, the audience you are targeting, the goals you wish to achieve, and the budget. With the project, the scope of work, and the contract sorted, we are ready to begin.
  • Creative development
    Our creative team brainstorms ideas based on your brief, creates storyboards, concepts, and sample TV commercial scripts, and arranges all pre-production and logistics of filming. We further refine the ideas to structure your campaign based on your feedback.
  • Production
    Shooting happens either in a studio or on location depending on what works best for your story. Our production team is thorough and organized, with the sole focus on bringing your TV commercial to life just the way you want and well within your budget!
  • Editing & post-production
    This is where the raw footage from the shoot gets polished and shaped into its final form. We use various editing techniques, visual effects, motion graphics, sound, and voice-over – stitching every frame together into a captivating film.

What Type of TV Commercial Video Production Would You Like?

At Cinimage, we have done TV ad production across formats and flavors. Some of the most popular ones include:

  • Brand Films
    Brand films create a buzz around your brand. When made well, these commercials have the power to give a positive boost to your brand perception. If a client wants to penetrate new markets or win more followers, brand films could give them the leverage they desire.
  • Product Commercials
    Looking to promote a product, service, or even a software app? This is the type of ad for you. It can be anything, from a simple explainer video to large-scale commercial video production, and everything in between.
  • DRTVs
    DRTVs are made to elicit immediate action from the viewers. If you want your ad to generate quick responses from people such as getting them to call a phone number or visit a website, this is the ideal format for you.
  • Testimonial-style TVCs 
    We all know that loyal customers are the best ambassadors a brand could ever ask for. Getting them to represent your brand in a TV ad works wonders to build your trust and reputation among prospects. Testimonial-style ads have a spontaneous quality, which helps to achieve this purpose effectively.
  • Comparative Commercials
    Remember the legendary ‘Cola Wars’ between Coca-Cola and Pepsi? Or, the ‘ad feud’ between Horlicks and Complan? Those are some of the most brilliant examples of this format. Equal parts aggressive and effective, this type of TVC works well if you’re looking to create a stir and are okay to ruffle some feathers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the typical process that you follow while offering video production services?2021-11-22T08:17:23+05:30

It depends on who’s asking us. Brands, Enterprise, Customers and Start Ups, generally come with a clean slate. As an end to end video production house we get involved from the very beginning. Where as mainline and digital agencies generally approach us with a script, and we pitch in right there and pick up the baton. So, the process ideally starts from pre-production services, which many times includes, writing scripts and prepping storyboard. We follow that up with the production planning, head for the shoot, and return with the material for post-production. In the post, we put together the film as per the storyboard or the script; further to that, music and colour grading is done. Meanwhile, we keep sending the client draft versions so that the client is involved in every step of video production lifecycle. This helps in reducing iterations and faster TATs.

How long a typical video production takes to complete?2021-11-16T07:53:26+05:30

Depending on the video category, we plan our TATs. A typical video production takes about 3 – 4 weeks to complete once the project gets on board. However some productions like corporate videos, are heavy on logistics and could take a little longer. But we fondly remember those challenging productions that were delivered even in 10 days flat!

Do you write scripts as well? And can you write them for any industry / sector / category of the film?2021-11-22T08:14:34+05:30

Yes, we do write scripts as we have always positioned ourselves as an end to end video production company in India. We have a talent roster that comprises of creative writers from across the country with more than 20 years of cumulative experience helping brands and enterprises gain advantage of their prior writing experience in the similar sectors and video categories. This again helps in TATs and quality of the overall production. Hope you heard – script is all that matters, rest is all about finishing.

What does your team comprise of?2021-11-22T08:14:25+05:30

We are a team of writers, directors, cinematographers, producers and production managers. For a project, be it a Corporate video, Digital Ad, Animated Explainer Video, Product Video, or even a Testimonial Video a typical team is prepped and onboarded by a Creative Producer. This person owns the entire project and forms a strong link between our client, our key accounts managers and the complete production team.

Do you use any project management tool?2021-11-22T07:46:34+05:30

We use Slack. It works like a charm!

How do you take a brief?2021-11-22T08:13:14+05:30

In general, the brief is provided by our clients in a written format. If, that is not available, we enable our clients by drafting key objectives and other important details through our Creative Brief Doc that we share with our inquiring clients. This helps putting together everything that we need to understand the project better.

What is the first thing that you would like to know about a project?2021-11-16T07:57:39+05:30

The goal. We try to understand the goal of the entire engagement and tie-up everything that we do around it. This helps in ensuring the entire video production exercise is leading in the right direction.

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