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Poor Animation Can Kill Even the Most Brilliant Story. Our Animated Video Production Brings Stories to Life.

Why would you want to spend your money on making an animated video that no one wants to watch? Poorly-executed animation not just turns viewers away but hurts your brand image too.

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How to Win at Animated Video Production?

Animated videos are all the rage today. 94% of buyers prefer to inform themselves about a brand or product
through animated explainer videos. That’s just one impressive statistics out of the many that tell you why animated video production is such a great idea for your brand. But that’s not the whole picture.
500 hours of video get uploaded to YouTube every minute. That’s right — every minute! How do you make
your videos stand out?

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Leave a strong mark on the minds of the audiences without the costly live-action shoots

  • Now engage people across all age groups with humor and innovative animation.
  • Gain visibility, brand awareness, and thought leadership.
  • Let your brand shine with the new possibilities of storytelling.

As a hardened Video Production company, we throw our magic into each engagement.

Three Reasons to Choose Cinimage for Animated Video Production

  • Knack for storytelling
    Give us the most mundane product and we can weave an engaging narrative around it. We distil your brand messaging or the best features of your product into captivating 2D and 3D animated films using relatable characters. No matter how complex your idea is, we can help you present it to your audience in a lucid and enjoyable manner.
  • Diverse tools and techniques
    As an experienced animated video production agency, we own the latest and best animation software and are well-versed in animation styles ranging from 2D explainers and whiteboard animation to 3D animated videos and stop-motion animations. There’s no end to creative thinking here at Cinimage. We can merge styles to show off your brand or product in a whole new light.
  • Straightforward Process
    We ensure working with us is nothing short of delightful for our clients. We have a pretty simple and no-fuss process which makes the journey from ideation to execution a smooth and pleasurable experience for you. You can come to us with only an idea and we will bring it to life in the best possible way.

Our Animation Video Production Process

At Cinimage, our in-house animation studio is teeming with creativity, while we are equally organized, ensuring out clients get the best returns on their animated video investment.
Here’s how our process goes.

  • Initial meeting
    This sets the tone for our collaboration with your team. We take this step seriously because this is where we learn about your ideas, visions, and goals, understand your target audience, and everything else we need to
    know to scope out the project and create a strategy that you’ll approve of.
  • Creative production
    Our creative team dives right into the game and starts developing the story based on your brief. Next, we hash out the script, create concept art depending on the animation style you prefer, put together the storyboard and after 3D modeling, pre-visualization, and few other steps, your animated film starts taking shape.
  • Post-production
    This is where your animated video takes its final form. We perform texturing, rendering, colour correction/grading, and where needed, composting and putting various visual effects. After adding the background music, voice-overs, and other sound effects, and ensuring everything is in place, we are ready tohand over the film to you.

What Type of Animated Video Would You Like?

At Cinimage, we can create magic with any type of animated video production using range of different animation styles. Some of the top choices of our clients include:

  • Explainer Videos
    These videos pack a lot of information about a business, product, or service into fun, easy-to-watch,and bite-sized films of 60 seconds or less. It’s the most versatile type of animated videos that you can use on your websites, marketing emails, events, as customer support videos, training videos, investor pitches, and practically in any other way you wish.
  • Product Demo
    These are animated videos the shine the spotlight on your product or service and breathe life into your product prototypes. Expertly-crafted animations spark intrigue, interest, and increase the audience’s understanding of your product, its features, and benefits in a simple and engaging manner.
  • Animated Infographics
    Transform data-rich infographics into animated videos that won’t put people to sleep. The facts, charts, graphs, texts, illustrations, and other elements when combined with sleek animation, footage, and effects ease the delivery of complex information and ensures your message is well-received and retained by your audience.
  • How-to Videos
    These videos teach your audience to do something while establishing your business as an authorityin the field. Adding animation can spice up your instructional videos or tutorials and turn them into valuable and interesting films that viewers won’t get tired of watching over and over again.
  • Whiteboard Animation
    Add some humour and fun to boring lectures or training videos with 2D animation. Animated
    whiteboard videos involve hand-drawn objects moving on a digital canvas, which makes them perfect for classrooms, conferences, webinars, and corporate meetings. The bold and clear style of these videos can even be used for easy and effective marketing.
  • Animated Screencast
    Screencast makes use of a video screen capture to deliver an idea or concept to viewers in a simple and straightforward manner. Best animated screencasts are clear, concise, and benefit from not having too many elements that might take viewers’ attention away from the core subject.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does it take to complete an animation video project?2021-10-25T10:43:29+05:30

Typical any animated explainer takes about 4 to 6 weeks depending on the overall effort. Most of the time goes into scripting and storyboarding. Once that is locked everything else falls into a production pipeline that can tied up to a deadline more easily. So in effect, the sooner we all put together the storyboard the quicker the TATs turn out to be.

Do you do fresh designs for all your animations?2021-10-25T10:44:42+05:30

Yes, for most of the projects. But for some animated explainer projects, where time is the essence, we use vector stocks that help in faster delivery with equal standards in quality.

What does an animation video team comprise of?2021-10-25T10:45:23+05:30

The team comprises of Script writers, storyboard artists, designers and 2D animators. Depending on the project size, we deploy people and the number of them accordingly.

Do you write scripts as well? And can you write them for any industry / sector / category of the film?2021-11-22T08:14:34+05:30

Yes, we do write scripts as we have always positioned ourselves as an end to end video production company in India. We have a talent roster that comprises of creative writers from across the country with more than 20 years of cumulative experience helping brands and enterprises gain advantage of their prior writing experience in the similar sectors and video categories. This again helps in TATs and quality of the overall production. Hope you heard – script is all that matters, rest is all about finishing.

Do you use any project management tool?2021-11-22T07:46:34+05:30

We use Slack. It works like a charm!

How do you take a brief?2021-11-22T08:13:14+05:30

In general, the brief is provided by our clients in a written format. If, that is not available, we enable our clients by drafting key objectives and other important details through our Creative Brief Doc that we share with our inquiring clients. This helps putting together everything that we need to understand the project better.

What is the first thing that you would like to know about a project?2021-11-16T07:57:39+05:30

The goal. We try to understand the goal of the entire engagement and tie-up everything that we do around it. This helps in ensuring the entire video production exercise is leading in the right direction.

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