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How to Create Great Video Production for Commercials?

A video commercial for your product is a fast-track way to build awareness about your product. It is the go-to way to make heads turn and create a lasting impact. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds. There is a lot that goes into a high-value product video commercial.

It is no secret that a good commercial can make even an average product look extraordinary and drive sales. The opposite is true as well. average video production can make an exceptional product look dull. So, when planning your first video commercial production, it’s important to get it right.

We have compiled the most vital aspects to keep in mind before making a product video commercial.

The Intention

You might have seen video productions on screen that look a million bucks but somehow fails to make an impact. You might be left more confused after watching it, wondering what it was trying to say.

This is the first and foremost aspect of creating a video production. Having a clear-cut idea of what you are trying to convey makes it clear for your team, who can best articulate it in the form of a well-crafted video.

Is your video encouraging the viewers to purchase your service or product, create awareness about a brand, or convey a social message? How are you conveying this? Are you using a narrative that your prospective audience can relate to? Does it impact your intended customers?

Know Your Audience

Video production is not simply a video that features a product, it is intended to be consumed by a particular group of people who are most likely to be your customers. Your end product can seem vague without a clear idea of who your video is targeting.

Once you know your audience, you can build your content to be relatable to them. One can assume vibrant and energetic vibes for an energy drink ad and a more austere vibe for a frankincense ad. Knowing the demographic can significantly guide your video production process.

Create a Solid Script

A script is the framework of a commercial video. You should flesh out the stick and bones to create a complete video. Decide what emotions you wish to evoke in the viewer and how the video should create a need in the viewer to consider your product. Once you have laid out a good script, you can start working on building around this framework. The video is then made into a storyboard and shot list. A good script provides both the production team and the viewers a clarity of the vision you wish to share. These are part of the pre-production steps.

Getting the Technical Aspects Right

You might have your eyes set on the goal and your mind set on the path, but things can be awry if you do not have the right tools. Getting a good quality video production out also requires a good set of video production tools. High-quality video or cinema cameras, proper lighting systems, and audio bundles must be taken care of. Skimping on these can drastically affect your video production.

Filming and Post-Production

This is the part where the actual filming of the video happens. Coordinating everything from the set, lighting, audio, and video equipment, actors, props, and managing schedules happens here. It requires massive teamwork and effort to get all filming done. The process after filming is post-production, where all your work is edited, processed, and comes out as the end product. It takes editing software, skilled editors, dubbing, and audio artists and musicians who work in tandem to bring it to the finish line.

Summing Up

The power of great advertisement is undeniable. It can blow up your brand and product awareness exponentially. Not only that. If you’re making a video commercial, you’d want to get as high an ROI as possible. Only a well-made commercial offers the recall value that helps you reap dividends far into the future.

Creating a memorable video commercial takes a lot of experience and know-how. Our team at Cinimage has produced video commercials for major brands like Zepto, Groww, Amity University, and Salarpuria using the methods that we have perfected over a span of 14 years. Check out our portfolio here.

Interested to know how we can make your next video commercial shine? Contact us today!

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