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Tips & Ideas for a Winning Product Video

A product video is much more memorable than the text of the description. It is a potent and indispensable tool in today’s world, where videos make up more than 82% of all internet traffic. Studies show that 73% of customers watching a product video are likelier to purchase. Up to 92% of marketers say that product videos are an important part of their marketing strategy.

All these numbers point out what a bad idea it would be to skimp on a product video. However, in a world flooded with video content, one has to go that extra mile to make something memorable.

In this blog, we’ll share some tips and ideas for product videos that pop.

What Does a Product Video Need

A product video is created painstakingly from start to finish, with much thought given to the different steps throughout the process. The three major phases are pre-production, filming, and post-production. Each takes its own time and effort, and each has its importance.

Let us look at some important tips pivotal to a well-crafted video.

Answer your product’s 5Ws

Does the content you create inform the viewer or leave the viewer more confused? The 5Ws are:

  • What is the product
  • What is it used for
  • Where is it used
  • Who is the ideal user
  • Why would a customer want it

If your video can answer the 5Ws, then your video is good to go.

Creating a solid script

A script is the skeleton of a video. It is this skeleton that you flesh out and makes a full video. A script will include the video’s narrative, give a clear-cut idea of the shots and provide a single-minded perspective for the crew on what the result should look like. Without a script, video production can encounter costly mistakes.

Set up the right lighting

Lighting is a crucial aspect of any video. Bright light can create an aura of liveliness and energy, while dark and dim lighting can build a somber atmosphere in the video. Every video production should start with a minimum of the four-point light system, which includes the key light, fill light, background light, and backlight. Knowing what light works for the video at hand, how to place lights strategically, and making your product stand out creatively is what lighting is all about.

Capture a variety of shots

An eye-catching video has shots that turn heads. Placing a product strategically in shots so that they are enhanced, not lost in the clutter, and memorable frames, stay with the viewer.

There are different kinds of shots one can try on a product video. A wide-angle shot would provide an up-front perspective of the product in its entirety. You could also incorporate medium shots that give viewers more information about the product and close-up shots that capture the details. Cinematic shots like zoom shots, pan shots, slow motion, and pull focus shots are also effective in giving a unique look to your shots.

Focus on the pace and tone of the video

What is the tone of the video that you have made? Does it evoke emotions in the viewer?
A video about a product can also have a story in it. A story sticks to the minds of a viewer much more than a simple narration about the product. Creating emotional value for the product through narrative elements is a great video strategy. The pace of the video should also align with the brand identity. What is being sold should also resonate with who is selling

Include CTA

The call to action must be at the end of the video. What would you want your viewers to do after watching the video? Save a date? Make a booking. Give me a call. Make sure there is a clear CTA in the video.

Product video ideas

Different product video formats can be used depending upon the kind of product you are selling. Here are some popular product video ideas you could take cues from.

How-To videos

It has become a norm that we search for an explainer video as soon as hit a block. And thankfully, there is no dearth in that department. With such a popular medium out there, investing in a how-to video is a sure-shot way to register your product in the minds of your customers.

The first aspect of a how-to video would be to introduce the viewers to certain pain points they relate to. Then the product is introduced as the solution to these problems. The video is then concluded with clear results and a call to action.

Behind-the-Scene video

A BTS video is an intimate way to connect to a product and those who poured their effort into developing it. It has a humane side, which can also make viewers invest emotionally in the product. It has a very high potential to engage your customer than regular videos.
Behind the scenes, videos that show your team at work provide authenticity to your whole endeavour. Footages of brainstorming sessions and trial and error all have high emotional value.

Animated Explainer Video

The major aspects of an animated explainer video are :

  • Impeccable animation
  • Pleasant voice over
  • Strong script

When all three confluence, there is a strong animated explainer video that can act as a source of information about your product or service. An animated explainer video can be more memorable as it has more visual cues than other formats. With good subtitles, a good storyline, and a strong CTA, an animated video is a great product video idea.

Summing Up

A product video is a great investment for any company. Be it a physical product or even a service, a product video that aligns with your ideals can effectively reach your intended customers. With the right tools and strategy, a product video can be the best weapon in your marketing arsenal.

If you need a professional video production team to give you the best results, reach out to Cinimage. We make professional product videos that stand out from the rest and give you the intended results. To know more, get in touch with us today!

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