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The understanding of Youtube branding and how to be better at it is now an essential marketing skill to add to your cap.

If you are into any kind of video content consumption, marketing or advertisements, you must already have knowledge of Youtube branding.

Those rare creatures, still skimming the boundaries, wondering, here are the most basic and broad ground tips for Youtube branding.


The most basic advice is to ease the process for every viewer by putting titles in the thumbnail, adding subtitles for no volume viewers and so on. Here are the details


Consider what you want to upload and how you want to go about doing it. Who do you present? Yourself or the company? What are you saying there? What is the message?

Having a nice picture or logo is not enough, you have to think about what it represents. If representing a company brand or product, make sure to use the logo in the appropriate size pixels (standard: 800×800). Also having a uniform picture across all the channels, may it be Youtube or other (where you intend to embed the video) helps the audience in recognizing and remembering you easily.

The picture, maybe your own photograph or an eye-catching logo, is what appears throughout your channel and helps in creating that first impression.

Playlist and Thumbnails

There are a lot of technicalities when it comes to a Youtube channel. It ranges from using templates for annotation, subscription, watermark, categorizations, thumbnails, and such.

The use of tags must be relevant to your video and relevant with respect to the highly researched keyword in the genre of your video.

TThe thumbnails are what promote your video in the form of advertisement across many Youtube searches. Knowing the audience well is a part of how to choose the right thumbnail, that will make your regulars and those you want to attract click on it.

Combining the thumbnail with the right keyword can boost your video to appear in the section for related videos even when an individual makes a targeted search. Then there is meta which is just as crucial as the two.

If a user doesn’t find what they are looking for, they won’t stay long on your main page, even when directed. Creating categories is a good option in such a case. Form playlists. A good example is the channels sites that use playlists to distinguish various dramas from one another and upload the related videos under there in a sequential manner.

Youtube Views

All is well and good when one talks about branding but creating that popularity is not as easy as it seems.

SEO is a gradual process, not overnight stardom.

Build upon your initial visitors and the kind of content they like vs the kind of content you provide. Make sure to walk alongside the current trend and always make sure to be consistent.

If the content build-up with consistency is good, one video at a time starts rising in the Youtube search page alongside your keyword.

Youtube is necessary

It may seem like a hassle for starters jumping into Youtube branding from any other line of promoting platforms such as blogs or social media like twitter or Pinterest. But as the popularly worldwide known fact goes, visual is more retainable than verbal. It shows Youtube or video channels are a better branding opportunity for any kind of individual(s).

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