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Video Marketing Strategy

A Guide to Building Your Video Marketing Strategy

If you are a marketer looking for a video marketing strategy, you have come to the right place. You would know how important videos are to your marketing arsenal. They are engaging and they make things stick to your head. This makes it all the better than other forms of content.

You might also be posting videos regularly and on different platforms. You may have the quantity, but what about the quality? What is the objective of your posting videos? What outcome are you looking for? Have you gotten any so far?

Playing the game smartly is what matters here. How can you make your videos productive? How can it be used to bring desirable outcomes for your company? That is where a video marketing strategy comes in.

If you want to learn what goes into making a good video marketing strategy, read on.

Building a Video Marketing Strategy: Key Questions to Ask

1. What are your marketing goals?

Before you set out to make video after video, you need to consider whether your efforts are paying off. To know if they have achieved what you want, you need measurable goals like increasing brand awareness, demand generation, conversion, viewer engagement, etc.

There are two types of goals you should be looking for: Revenue-based goals and brand goals.

Revenue-based goals include goals like an increase in inquiries, subscribers, etc. While a brand-based goal can be an increase in traffic to your website, an increase in your mailing list, an increase in blog traffic, higher SEO rankings, etc.

2. What is Your Mission Statement?

Your video marketing strategy should have a mission statement. This gives you and everyone on your team a clear idea of what to do. There is no room for doubt when you have a mission statement.

Your mission statement should be able to answer questions like what is the content, what is the approach you are taking, who is your target audience, how does your audience benefit from this, etc.

Your mission statement should lay out answers for these as briefly as possible.

3. Who is your Target Audience?

Knowing who will watch your video and benefit from it is at the heart of your video marketing strategy. The video you make should have an audience it is addressing. You cannot simply make a generalized video that stands the risk of being too vague.

When pinning down who your audience is, you need to know the pain points you are addressing, what this particular audience needs, and how your product or service helps them. This will help you create video content that they can relate to. Oftentimes, it is not about creating millions of views but getting the views that generate leads. Quality over quantity.

You also must consider whether the medium you have chosen is best for your audience. What sort of format do you need to work on? What is most likely to be consumed by the audience?

4. What format of video will you need?

A video can have different formats. Do you need a promo video, a testimonial video, or a behind-the-scenes video? These are but some of the formats of videos you can make. All of these are relevant in different stages of the buyer’s journey. It is important to your video marketing strategy to decide what format you need and how you present it. Do you want to make a story like a video that evokes emotions or something professional to cater to companies? You need to decide what format you use depending on your audience, the need at hand, and what point you are addressing in the marketing funnel.

5. What is your video budget?

It does not make sense to start any project without a budget. Like any other project, you need to know exactly what resources can be spared for your marketing strategy. This way, you can make the most of what you have and use your creativity to develop better options.

Do you want to create a professional video with high-quality audio and video, good light setup, high-end editing, and such? This would require a good amount of money. However, if you cannot afford such a budget, you can choose a DIY model with your mobile camera and decent editing software.

Your marketing efforts will also require financing. These also have to be taken into account when estimating a budget.

6. What equipment will you need?

When you start a video marketing strategy, you need to have stock of what equipment you have at your disposal. Do you have the budget to buy new ones or make do with what you have? If you have a limited budget, there are many ways to make the most of what you have with different video-making hacks.

To start off, your production team will need decent equipment covering everything from camera, lighting, audio, and sets.

You will need a camera, to begin with. A professional 4K camera can make high-quality footage. It can give you stunning results at par with professional ones. However, it can be quite expensive. There are also rental options you can go with.

A good lighting setup is another aspect you cannot skimp on. Lighting changes everything about the whole scene. Depending on your budget, you can invest in a basic 3-point light or an advanced one.

A good audio setup is also required if you are recording live. This can be clip-on for boom mics at the higher end.

The post-production process also requires resources to handle the kind of work you are doing. Powerful software for quality editing and audio recording systems for audio with clarity. Editing software is also an aspect where you cannot make cuts. Investing in professional editing software with an expert to handle it can churn out high-quality video.

Hiring a Professional Video Production Team

While all of the technical aspects of making a video can be a bit daunting, some alternatives are much more affordable. You also have to remember that you need to make videos regularly to keep up a good video marketing strategy. Hiring a professional video production company like Cinimage can be your ideal solution.

Cinimage is a leading video production company that caters to businesses looking for a professional touch for their videos. When hiring Cinimage, you get a quality that can never be matched by amateur video production done with mobile phone cameras. You can trust our years of experience to give you results that give you a competitive advantage over your peers.

Summing Up

A video marketing strategy is crucial to making the most of your video-making efforts and ranking in the results. You cannot simply expect magic to happen since you upload videos every other day. This is a well-planned path that brings in sure results. The best way to make your videos effective is to plan them according to your video marketing strategy.

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