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Facebook alone generates over 3000 years of video consumption every day.

To say a business needs Video marketing on social media is an understatement. A business marketing plan without a video on social platforms is incomplete. Videos are known to create a direct emotional impact and draw in consumers of all ages. Social Pilot says that people between 35 to 55 are most engaged in Facebook likes and comments while half the Instagram users worldwide are under 34 years.

In terms of the IGTV app, Instagram has 7 million installs. The number of video content consumption on social media is startling. As a business, you need a video marketing strategy on social media, and you need it now.


Videos are not as simple as writing a blog; they require a lot of work, perhaps even a dedicated team. It is why we, Cinimage, do it for you so that you can focus on the consumers. Here is how we do it, and you can too.

Set Goals

At the very beginning, narrow down what you require from your video advertisement. Is it product introduction like automobiles do for their new launches, or is it brand awareness that a chocolate or tea company does during festive months?

Your goal could be to lead the viewer to your website. Or it could be to purchase your video. Your goal determines your video category in the marketing funnel. It brings a clearer idea of what would and would not be a fit for your video and marketing.

Pick a Genre

It is not yet time to start producing. The next step is picking a genre. There are many kinds of videos. Some are especially loved on social media, while others are loved by a specific demographic.

Pick a genre most suited for your business and most favored by your audience.

There are many kinds of videos you can pick from, but here are a few favorites to push you along the path:


Introducing a product, introducing your app, advertising a benefit, or educational videos are all informative videos. Even some introductory views are informative videos.


Pranks and Funny animal videos are pretty popular on social media. As an emotion, humor is the best sought after. Many brands have made use of it, continue to do so.


Buyers and consumers are more open to buying from brands that follow ethical policies, represent a work-life balance, and value company culture.


Collaborations, guest speakers, and interviews bring a new dynamic to your usual style of videos. It reinforces authenticity and trust.

Narrow Down Platforms

One step away from production, list all the social platforms and narrow down the ones most suitable to you and your business. It helps to narrow down the formats of your video.

One way to do it is the audience. Choose social platforms that give you higher engagement or social media that attract your demographic. People from a specific country or a particular age group, those who subscribe to a service, or people who engage more with your competitors. It helps focus on productive social media platforms.

Produce Content

The production part includes everything that goes into a video, the visual. Make a storyboard, write a script, define the message, and decide on a punchline at the very beginning.

The middle part is to bring the script to life. Find the people to feature, separate the featured product, location, and angles. A well-scripted video along with the right people will breathe life into the video. Be sure to focus on the action or emotion you seek to invoke.

Post Production Work

The production is a scattered, fragmented process that needs work to look complete.

The post-production is where it turns into the single .mkv .flv or any other file.

The beautification process brings all the scenes together in a comprehensive and consolidated manner. Inserting still images or call to action, attaching a .srt file (subtitles), captioning, music, or even visual effects are all post-production magic. Remember to create a thumbnail for your video.


Simply posting on social media does not cut it.

Every platform has a surge time. It is a time when the users are most active on a particular platform. If you have existing accounts, know your stats, or even find them on the internet. Choose the most suitable time and date to post your video.

It is now time to schedule the video post. Add a catchy and keyword-infused caption, support it with hashtags if the platform allows it, pick or upload a thumbnail, add meta-tag, location, or people tag before you click the schedule post.

No fretting, many of these posting features are editable, except the actual, premade video.

It’s A Wrap!

It is time to analyze the data your video marketing is producing. Engagement or views churn all the metrics and narrow down where, how and what works best for your business in terms of consumers. Make use of the detailed metrics provided by every social media platform and use them in your subsequent video ad targeting.

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