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The skepticism through reduced hasn’t gone yet. The Fintechs are finding it hard, as the lockdown all over the world eases, to market themselves and keep the public reliance going.

Fintech companies need their consumers to understand their message, their mission, vision, convey financial expertise, familiarise with their software navigation, and so on.

With the increasing unreliability on Forex, Fintechs have seen an aftereffect as well. It is paramount for the users to see rather than to see. Instead of just written content, we suggest video advertising to go along with it.

The current market for video content consumption is most fruitful and can bring Fintechs closer to their users. You might have an excellent social media account, but users are 75% more likely to follow if there is video content. All the more reason to start now.


Mentioned are many areas where Fintechs can use videos to reach their users on a human level, personalizing the experience and paving an easy path for them to run towards you.

Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness is a long-term ongoing process and need not be the only thing you do with your videos, but it is undoubtedly a must to do in your videos. According to Biteable, 53% of the marketers say that videos help them raise awareness, while 52% say that it helps them build trust and customer prospects. As a Fintech company, you need both.


In terms of video, what do people most look for? What is the most prominent search term? The term is’ How-to.’ The search hit an all-time high in the last two years. People want to know how to do it themselves. They want to solve problems. How can you take advantage of this?

You can help them solve these problems by making informational how-to videos, ideas on investment, banking, using techs for financial purposes, and endless economic and technological topics that will increase your credibility in the field.

The better the credibility, the more dependable a brand looks and more consumer it attracts.


Not everyone is well versed with the latest terms of use of navigational signs or well-versed in analytics or stats reading or investments policies, and so on. The first thing your app or page needs is an explanatory video.

Many companies opt for animated videos or simple screen videos showing their users how to navigate their page. What works best for your Fintech? Instead of getting an expert to look at your app or page, get a novice or layman to look at it. If they can do it, the enthusiasts and experts indeed can.


An introductory video is different from an explanatory video. Introduce your page, your people, your app, vision, message, and case studies. Everything introduced on a page can be presented in a video, giving the user an authentic human voice behind the virtual page they see.

Behind the scenes, invitations, new launches, the list is as extensive as the company itself and more.

Feature Launch

Lauching a new feature or product is prime example of introductions.

Mobile companies do product launches all the time and so do automobiles. The reason is the success.

Conversion is higher than if it were a billboard ad or a PPC ad. Biteable’s statistics show that 68% of marketers find video ads to have a better return than Google Ads.


Today’s marketing heavily relies on good customer experience because the newer generation trusts the word of people they know over advertisements. Stats show that 88% of customers trust testimonials as much as recommendations from family or friends.

Testimonial increase authenticity.

You, as a Fintech, know it too. Do you think it is enough for a testimonial to be written in quotes with a small picture of the reviewer and their brand name? What if the said reviewer was speaking about your company with their own emotions infused in the testimonials, and you present it as it is to your potential user? Ponder and conclude.

Where to begin?

Knowing which parts of your Fintech company have poorer responses than others is one way to determine if video marketing in those parts can boost the stats. Rest the stats will speak for themselves.

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