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Top Video Production Companies in Bangalore

Are you looking for a video production company for your next project? Bangalore has a plethora of options to offer. You can find that you are spoilt for choice. You can find the best one that suits your needs and aligns with your goals with this list we have created. Below are some of the best video production companies in Bangalore for you to consider. Read on.

Easton Media Pvt Ltd

If you want brand growth and an increase in visibility, then Easton Media Pvt Ltd is a good option. They are one of the best video production companies in Bangalore, offering a wide range of services. They offer video production services for everything from corporate video, product video, motion graphics video, explainer video, training video, professional photography, documentary etc. They have a rich experience of over 11 years with a serious approach to brand communication and visibility.

Anansi Imaging

Anansi Imaging is a group of talents that take their craft seriously. They are considered among the top video production companies in Bangalore. They focus on event photography, especially surreal and memorable wedding photography, which is stunning, to say the least. They also specialise in different formats of video production, 2D animation, and 3D animation. You can approach Anansi Imaging for all your photo, video, animation and branding needs.


Filmotion is a notable video production company you can consider for your video production needs. They are an end-to-end solution for all your video production needs. They focus on creating videos that have powerful branding potential. They take a unique branding approach using video production and other techniques, which involves having an in-depth understanding of the client to create an authentic portrayal of the client. With fresh ideas and creativity, Filmotion can make excellent videos for your business needs.

Ultraviolet Films

Ultraviolet Films is a good choice if you want an end-to-end video production company. They are experts at different video production formats with a particular focus on TV commercials, Techcrunch conferences, app demos, VC funding, technology showcases, trade shows, websites, social media, campus recruitment, sports documentary, real estate promotion and product demos among many others. They are adept at both live-action video production as well as animated video production.

Village Talkies

Village Talkies is a notable video production company based in Bangalore. It is an excellent choice for all kinds of video production needs. They focus on corporate videos of different formats and animation and explainer videos, which are all the rage now. They have talented creative personnel like directors, cinematographers, script-writers, post-production units, animators, illustrators, voice-over artists, video editors and more.

Magic Nest Studios

Magic Nest Studios is another notable video production company in Bangalore that has been gaining attention. With the rise in popularity of explainer videos, Magic Nest Studios has managed to stay on top of its game and deliver some of the best explainer videos. They provide affordable services in video production to every kind of business, whether live-action videos or animation videos.

MatteBlack Films

MatteBlack is one of the leading video production companies in Bangalore, offering a plethora of branding and video production services. They choose inventive and innovative approaches to make videos that help scale up a brand’s clientele. They use the best technology to produce great quality live and animation videos. They focus on infographics, 2D animation, research & pitch videos, whiteboard animations, eLearning videos etc. They provide their expertise from conceptualisation to the release of a video and much more.


Last but not least, Cinimage. Yes, we are trusted as one of the best video production companies in Bangalore. In the sea of corporate video production companies and other creative ventures, we stay relevant and deliver results with our unique approach to video production using strong narrative techniques. Our focus on creating memorable and cinematic videos consistently wins us applause from clients who love what we do for them.

Our team of talented writers, creative directors, cinematographers, designers and technicians are proficient in making videos that work well on all channels and platforms. Our array of services ranges from different formats of corporate videos, eLearning videos, product videos, and marketing videos to 2D and 3D animation, infographics, video editing services, and more.

Wrapping Up

A corporate or business video works wonders when done right. But in the hands of the wrong production team, it can be a money drain.

Today, everyone and their grandmother are dipping their toes in video creation. To stand out, your videos need to be professional, polished and produced to grab attention. And it’s not an easy job. From start to finish, there are a lot of things that are involved in making a video production project successful. Much of it rests on the capabilities of the video production company you hire. That’s why choosing one of the top video production companies in Bangalore can make a big difference.

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