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How to write a video script

How to Write a Video Script

Anyone in marketing knows that video is the most engaging form of content and drives growth. But it’s not simply any video that promises such miracles. Videos, like any other form of content, require solid research and hard work to back them. 

A video script is the backbone of the video. But can you make a video without one? Of course, you can. But will the video be good enough? Not Guaranteed!

If you are someone who is wondering how to write a video script for YouTube or how to write a video script for a corporate video, this is your go-to place to know everything you need about script writing. This tutorial applies to every kind of marketing video out there. Just keep reading!

What is a video script?

Simply put, a video script is a blueprint, a skeleton of your video. It is what charts out the course of your journey of video production. It is essential to your pre-production process or everything you do before shooting your video

It contains the step-by-step script of what happens in every shot of your video, including voiceovers, other audio elements, and the visual aspects. A script is as useful in the production process as it is in the post-production process.

Writing a script is no simple task. It is the task that takes up most headspace in a video production process. There is a lot that goes into it. So much so that we have to divide the process into planning and writing.

Planning a Video Script

If you sit down with a pen and blank paper to “write” the script, you’ll find writing a video script a horrifying experience. Nothing scares artists as blank paper/canvas. Therefore, it is wise to equip yourself with suitable materials before facing this ‘canvas’. This is where planning comes in. 

Before you start writing, you need to figure out a few things. They are:

  • Who is your audience? This is the most crucial question. Who are you communicating with? The answer cannot be ‘everybody’ as it becomes too general to appeal to anybody. Once you visualize your potential customer, many things become more apparent, such as the visual language and the pain points to touch upon. This will make your video more compelling.
  • The purpose of the video: Every video needs to have a goal. By communicating to your audience, what is the response you are trying to elicit? This depends on the stage of your marketing journey at which the video is used. Does it have a clear CTA? If so, you can use KPIs to track these.
  • Who drives the video? There should be a central character in a video that drives the video forward. They either provide information regarding products or services or drive the narrative. They are the ones that have the most time on-screen and make the video relatable to the viewer.
  • What is the main takeaway? What does a video give the audience? In the end, what are they left with? It may be information on a product or service, for example. But when will the viewer know it? It is wise to put the answer to this question as early on as possible. 

Now that you know what to write let us get to the actual writing part.

Writing the Video Script

The process of writing a video script can be a long one if you start from scratch. Finding the most original script is not feasible and can get your spirits down in no time.

STEP 1: Use a Template

The wise thing to do would be to follow a template. Yes, you heard it right. A video script template will break down the video into comprehensible chunks and is much more effective at conveying the message. It is a tried and tested method that saves you time and effort.

You can use a template while you sit down to write to help you write the script. Here is an effective template for a video that can help. This is called the AAAA template.

Attention – Grabs their attention as soon as you begin 

Agitation – Emphasize and enhance the problem at hand

Activity – Offer the solution to the problem

Action – Have a CTA with proper instruction

You can see how popular videos adhere to certain templates now that you know it.

STEP 2: Write the Audio-visual elements

This is the basis of a script. It should be a concise and clear sheet with information on what is shown and said. Anyone who reads the script should have a proper understanding of the content of the video. This gives clarity to everyone involved on the set to have a singular mind when it comes to production. It leaves no room for confusion.

The script can be a simple two-column page where you chart out the video element and the corresponding audio element.

STEP 3: Edit the Script

As with any manuscript, a video script requires rigorous editing to polish it to perfection. You must keep the video length in mind and ensure the script is tailored to fit the time frame. It is vital to stay crisp and clean, making maximum impact with minimum content.

The dialogues you write should be effective at conveying the message, relatable to the audience, and sound natural.

You need to keep these all in mind while writing a video script.

Final Thoughts

Writing a script can seem like a cumbersome job. But it is one of the most effective processes in the pre-production process. You can find a lot about your video along the way, including the nuances you can use, the creative ways you can tell a story, etc. In the end, it is a vital process you cannot skip.

Creating a video and script from scratch can be a complex process. If you don’t have video production professionals in your team, your videos might not produce the desired results, and you’d probably be pouring your precious money and time down the drain. This is where experienced video production companies like Cinimage can help you win. If you’d like to see the difference an expert-crafted video script can make, get in touch with us. You can call us or simply fill out our online contact form to book a consultation today!

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