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4 Step process to create Testimonial Videos

What would you choose to base your decision on? A review saying, ‘I love it. It is sturdy, functional, and multi-purpose’ or a review Showing ‘A satisfied smile on a person constantly touching their new office equipment, saying it’s sturdy and functional, while knuckle knocking the thing and moving about displaying how it is multi-functional?

The answer is obvious. The visual brings an assurance, a reality, to the imagination of what the reviewer means by sturdy and multi-functional. Testimonials are essential, and even more important is knowing how to make these impactful testimonial videos.


Remember that testimonials are true customer accounts, but your customers are not adept at being captured for branding, so they need direction.

Filming Details

There is a lot that goes into video making before the actual recording begins. Choosing the people for your testimonials comes first—those who have tried your brands and have something to say about it. The customers’ brand also comes into play here. A location is next; indoors or outdoors? Is there a specific meaning to the site? It is where you set up the equipment, the stands, camera, lighting, the mic, any required furniture.

Some essential advice is to avoid clutter, background sound, and static noises, and lights must be the proper brightness and color.

The height of the camera must be the same as the reviewer.

The minor details make all the difference.

Ask Questions

As said before, testimonial videos are customer accounts and experiences which are unscripted. It has to be natural but without the ‘errr’s and ‘umm’s. What do you do to make them look fluent and comfortable but also honest and unscripted? You direct!

Customers aren’t video-making experts; they need direction for which the director needs to prepare a set of questions that will guide the user towards the subjects they want to talk about smoothly.

What prompted the purchase? What do they like about the brand? Did the product or service solve a problem in their life; did it make their lives comfortable or bring a change? The happiness brought by the product. Where there any obstacles to buying the product/service? Was the block catered to? What do they like most about the product?

You decide the question based on your feature highlights and brand requirements. Remember to wrap up the shoot by asking if they would recommend it to others or who they would recommend it to.

Post Production

The video recording is just a first draft to be worked upon to produce the final product. The finishing is the post-production job that entails compressing the video length to 60 seconds at max and 15 to 20 seconds at best.

Choose the part of the video that will make for an appropriate intro and conclusion. One example is opening by introducing the person and their relation to the product or how they come about it and ending it with their recommendation.

Insert overlays, subtitles, cutaway scenes, and voices not required, set the tone, use the logo throughout, ensure brand colors, insert CTA if needed. It makes the video presentable and wholesome for your brand.


Bigcommerce says that 62% more revenue is generated from every visit with video testimonials from each customer. Are you ready to see the change?

Having gone through How to Make a Testimonial Video, it is time to embed it, upload it, advertise it or put it where your audience can see it for the video to solve the purpose it was created for.

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