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Frequently Asked Questions

Have you done a corporate film in our industry segment?2021-10-25T10:46:01+05:30

Over the last 14 years, we have done films in many industry segments be it automobile, IT, Pharma, manufacturing etc. However for us Industry segment doesn’t matter to us, all that matters is a perfect team composition, that we always ensure for any kind of project, irrespective of its complexities.

Can you shoot anywhere in the country?2021-10-25T10:46:33+05:30

As a seasoned video production house, we are fortunate enough and thankful to our existing clients who have given us opportunities to shoot in various parts of the country and the world. Apart from different metro cities and remote districts in India, we have also shot films in the US, Singapore, Dubai, and UK.

We don’t have a script, can you write one for the project?2021-10-25T10:47:59+05:30

Certainly, that is one of our main competencies. Depending on the industry segment our client belongs to we put together a team of writers managed by a Creative Head, who together, consolidate the brief and write a script. The script is further developed into building AV script ( Audio Video Script ) helping our clients understand how the film is going to shape up even before we head for the shoot?

Do you do recce/location inspection before the shoot?2021-10-25T10:48:32+05:30

Yes, this is a mandatory step for any corporate video production at Cinimage. This helps in understanding the scale of the project and also make note of on ground challenges.

Do you use any project management tool?2021-11-22T07:46:34+05:30

We use Slack. It works like a charm!

How do you take a brief?2021-11-22T08:13:14+05:30

In general, the brief is provided by our clients in a written format. If, that is not available, we enable our clients by drafting key objectives and other important details through our Creative Brief Doc that we share with our inquiring clients. This helps putting together everything that we need to understand the project better.

What is the first thing that you would like to know about a project?2021-11-16T07:57:39+05:30

The goal. We try to understand the goal of the entire engagement and tie-up everything that we do around it. This helps in ensuring the entire video production exercise is leading in the right direction.

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